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Glare Reduction

Heat and Glare Affecting Your Comfort While Working?

Are you or your employees finding it difficult to work during certain times of the day due to the glare and heat from the sun? This is the number one problem we solve for our commercial customers! The window films we carry cut out 99.9% of harmful UV rays and dramatically reduce glare and heat when the sun is at its strongest, enabling you and your employees to focus on work and be productive in a more comfortable environment. Not only will our films prevent eye discomfort, they will also protect interior furnishings and enhance your view out of windows. With a low interior reflectivity, it will now be easier to see outside a night time when ordinarily it was a strain. Our films also create a more uniform look to the exterior of your building. With multiple shades and levels of reflectivity, it is easy to find the right choice to meet your needs.

Heat Reduction & Energy Efficiency

Reduce Expenses

Studies show that the heat from the sun which causes your hvac system to work overtime can be attributed to 28% of cooling expenses. Reduce your energy costs by installing one of our films which have been proven to reject up to 79% of the suns heat. It’s not always the case that you have to choose a dark film to achieve these benefits unless you need a high Glare reduction film like the 3M Night Vision Series. We also carry a virtually clear film called 3M Prestige that perform better than much darker films due to their multi layered construction. The net result will be a more even and moderate temperature throughout the rooms in your building without a change in look, from the inside, or outside.

Payback Period In As Few As 3 Years!

Window films, both insulating and heat rejecting, have an energy conserving nature that will save your building enough costs to pay for the initial investment, fast! Consider choosing window film as an improvement to your building before investing large amounts of money on hvac upgrades that don’t pay off as rapidly. Window films can help save up to 19kWh per square foot of window space.

The Prestige film we carry are also designed to outlast and outperform our competitors. Their multi layered, non-metallic construction means that they won’t corrode if you are near the ocean, and they will not interfere with your electronic device signals which are so critical to business and communication.

Security Film

Reduce Heat & Glare While Feeling Secure | Deter Thieves and Assailants

The 3m Security film we carry is specifically designed to stretch, rather than tear like our competitors , enabling them to hold glass together for longer. Most criminals expect quick entry. When they have to fight to get inside your building, the benefit to you is added time to prepare yourself, or the criminal will be deterred completely. Additionally, our film’s ability to hold glass together instead of the dangerous shards being discarded can help keep occupants safe and deter injury in the event of random glass breakage.

Modern technology has now afforded us the comfort of window films coupled with their security benefits. The 3M Ultra Series has been combined with our Night Vision films to reduce heat and glare, save you energy costs, and deter entry from burglars and assailants. Attachment systems are recommended on any security film install in order to contain the glass in the frame during entry or breakage..

Specialty Window Film

Frosted, Opaque, Black Out, and Decorative Window Films

3M Decorative Window Film | 3M FASARA Decorative Catalog | 3M Low E Thinsulate Window Film |

We offer films that come in many different patterns and shades, and can easily be removed and replaced to update their appearance at any time. Any flat glass surface can be turned into a work of art; offices, store fronts, bathrooms, etc. Frosted films diffuse light without blocking it out completely. As a result, any existing window can be converted to privacy glass in a number of attractive patterns. Additionally, our black out films block out light completely, offering obstructions to views you don’t desire to be seen.

To view some of our decorative films photos click here.

Visit our partners at Solyx Films to view our full film line up. Any pattern you desire we can install or have deliverd to you to install on your own.

Low E – Thinsulate

Up to 40% Heating Loss Is Due To Windows! Low Emissivity, or “Low-E,” Films Help A Building’s Efficiency By Improving Insulation And Reducing Glare Significantly. This Will Contribute Toward Long Term Energy Sustainability

Increase energy efficiency with our specialty window films which are designed to retain the cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. By adding our films to your windows, you can increase their insulation by up to the equivalent of adding an additional pane of glass, reduce energy costs by up to 10%, and reduce heat loss by up to 38%.

Our films also offer the added benefits such as a neutral appearance, UV reduction, and increased occupant comfort.

Skin Cancer Foundation

The Skin Cancer Foundation has long promoted the benefits of the window film industry as a preventative measure in your home or automobile against skin cancer. For a number of years now, however, the Skin Cancer Foundation has recently been lending credibility to 3M window film products. This list includes our automotive Color Stable and Crystalline product lines, as well as our commercial/residential Night Vision and Prestige lines.

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