• 3M Window Films Can Change Lives

    It’s no secret that UV from the sun causes damage to your skin and eyes. This is why our mothers always used to yell at us to “put on sun screen,” before leaving the house for the beach, pool, or an afternoon at the links. Many brands have grown from small to large companies promoting […]

  • Differences Between High And Low Quality Window Film

    Shopping for window tinting can be a scary ordeal. You may find someone working out of the back of their house in a make shift car port charging $100 to tint your entire vehicle! Or you may hear about a film dealer like us offering a product called Crystalline which can cost $499.00 or more […]

  • Security Films and Attachment Systems | How They Work

    Glass is typically the weakest point of a buildings envelope, and for a long time, security film has been the answer in strengthening this weak point. Films as thick as 14 mil (a mil = one thousandth of an inch) with extremely high tear resistances bind to the glass and hold it in tact so […]