Differences Between High And Low Quality Window Film

Shopping for window tinting can be a scary ordeal. You may find someone working out of the back of their house in a make shift car port charging $100 to tint your entire vehicle! Or you may hear about a film dealer like us offering a product called Crystalline which can cost $499.00 or more on certain vehicles! So what brands and companies offer the best products, customer service, and pricing to get you the best bang for your buck?

Well, there isn’t a blanket answer that solves everyones needs, however, it is critical to start by asking “what is important to you, price or quality ?”

Over the years, we here at Professional Window Tinting have had many competitors offering a range of different film products and pricing. Many films are made with dies that last a short few years before they fade, purple, and then bubble like the images seen below. For some who don’t plan on keeping their vehicle long and want a product to help cut out the glare, these cheap films are a decent choice as it will be someone elses problem to deal with later when it begins breaking down.

For those who are looking for a higher quality, fade proof film that will last as long as the vehicle, you may spend a few more dollars up front, but you’ll save yourself in the long run the costs of removing and replacing the cheap film with a better one down the road.

Typically, it’s the metal films on the market that tend to be the baseline for higher quality because they don’t fade like the died films do. But be aware of what kind of technologies and amenities your vehicle comes with as these metal films can occasionally interfere with your radio, satallite signals, tire pressure sensors, cell phone reception, and EZ-pass. Most older vehicles are safe as they don’t typically have too much tech stuff in them, but newer vehicles sometimes experience problems.

This is where the high quality color stable films that 3M makes are optimal for newer vehicles. Their non-metal composition is guaranteed not to interfere with any electronics the vehicle may come equipped with, and they are also lifetime warranty films guaranteed not to crack, peel, purple, bubble, or fade. There are a variety of shades to choose from and most are generally the same price.

However, some customers want the heat rejection benefits that the darker films offer without going dark and imparing their ability to see outside of the vehicle at night time. This is where 3M came up with the idea for Crystalline . With over 200 layers of film stacked on top of eachother, some of the lightest shades of his film offer as much heat rejection as films two times as dark. This film also boasts an spf of up to 1000 which will help you protect your skin and eys from the sun’s damaging rays. Same above lifetime warranty .

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